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My Free Zoo
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My Free Zoo Description

There is quite the stuff going on in your colorful, fun zoo! The animals need fed and pet, the habitats have to be cleaned and there is already a line at the entrance!


Gorillas, penguins, lions, fluffy little koalas and plenty of other cute and cuddly animals await you in the free-to-play browser game, My Free Zoo. In this casual simulation game, you are the zoo director and you call all the shots.

Being the zoo director and all, you have many different habitats and cages available to you which you can place around your park however you see fit. You may already notice some of those cute little animals in My Free Zoo ready to be put into their new homes, so you can find just the right habitat for just the right animal as you go about planning your park. The fun thing about this zoo tycon that new animals will just keep on popping up, adding new species to your collection. Can you get them all? Then try unlocking all quests and gathering enough experience points to level up in this online browser game brought to you by Upjers!

The more four-legged friends, beautiful birds and other animals you have throughout your park in My Free Zoo means the more work you have ahead of you. Of course, the more work you complete, the better rewards you can earn. The job of a zoo director is never easy and in My Free Zoo is not any different. Fortunately, you're not the only one that will have to get their hands dirty, as you will hire several staff members and workers as you collect in-game currency and expand your zoo, step by step.

Naturally you will need to earn some money if your zoo is to continue operating in My Free Zoo. At the entrance, people will pay to get it, giving you some cash. You can use this money to reinvest in your park by building even more habitats and having more animals. In turn, you will have even more visitors than before!

Remember, being a zoo director isn’t just about getting visitors or taking care of the animals. It means you have to keep an eye on everything, as the future of your zoo in My Free Zoo depends on your ability to manage your park and stay on top of everything.

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