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My Free Circus
What to expect:
  • Individual Customization Options for Your Circus
  • Lots of Different Performers and Animals
  • Diverse and Challenging Quests
  • Cute Graphics
  • Optimal for Children and Adults
  • Browser Games
  • Upjers
  • Online Games
  • Apps
  • iOS
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Play My Free Circus for Free and Train Wild Animals

Look after wild animals and performers and put on an unforgettable show for your audience in the simulation My Free Circus.


Slip into the role of a circus director in the free-to-play game My Free Circus. As an ambitious, young director, you have your work cut out for you to make your circus more popular and renowned. You will gradually expand your property and put on an incredible show that impresses both children and adults and will make more and more people come to visit your circus. You will not only hire and manage clowns and jugglers in My Free Circus, but also knife throwers, fire eaters, animal tamers, and death-defying performers. Their spectacular stunts and well-rehearsed tricks will impress the entire audience.

It goes without saying that your human employees as well as your wild animals need a proper place to live and a sufficient amount of food to rest between performances and remain energetic and well-rested. It is up to you to build proper facilities for every single animal and every single employee in My Free Circus. In order to ensure that your human and bestial crew gets the healthiest and freshest food possible, you will grow your own vegetables, fruit, and crop in the simulation. This allows you to produce truly delicious meals for everyone at the circus. In return, this will guarantee that everyone excels in the circus ring. A lion will only truly be satisfied if they can munch on a scrumptious steak, while horses require lots of hay and carrots. Additionally, you will train your bestial performers to constantly teach them new tricks which will attract a bigger audience.

Complete Assignments in My Free Circus to Earn Money

Occasional quests allow for even more varied gameplay in My Free Circus. Some visitors will want to purchase a souvenir in a gift shop or have a snack. Build a few food stands and gift shops to satisfy their needs. Never neglect your staff’s needs and wishes though, as they are the heart and soul of your circus. Complete your quests and earn precious experience points and in-game money. Use your hard-earned money to purchase new and better animals pens, sleeping wagons, fields, and merchants to constantly improve your visitors’ circus experience.

My Free Circus Screenshots

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