My Fantastic Park
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My Fantastic Park
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My Fantastic Park Description

Open and operate your very own amusement park – from rollercoasters, hall of horrors and all the rides in between… you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun here!


In this colorful, browser-based online game, everything revolves around fun and excitement. As the director of your very own amusement park, it is up to you to make sure everything runs smoothly. With quite a number of different attractions, you will have to attract as many visitors as possible by offering fun, sun and maybe even some delicious treats. There are also different challenges which will have you working hard, each of them rewarding you with experience and resources upon completion. Now if that's not an incentive to keep playing the tycoon game, we don't know what is!

Of course, your journey as a director will start with the small stuff. Starting out, you will have just a small number of stands and rides that you can use to bring in new costumers. However, the more attractions that can be found in your park, the more visitors will find their way to you, which means that after the tutorial is done, you will have to roll up your sleeves and work on your rides! In My Fantastic Park you will be able to create a unique theme park.

Your park land will have to be built up, level by level, as you place more and more highlights in your park. For example, you start with just a simple tin-can toss stand with a fancy “monster” look and invest your savings into new and exciting things such as a puppet theater, the adventure playground or even a space shuttle. Countless rides are available to you when expanding your park in this browser game, unlocked through new achievements.

Soon, you will have changed your once homely park into a massive, super mega-attraction that brings in visitors from all over. From the technology employed in your park, to the materials that the rollercoasters are made out of and even new, innovative ideas - all of this is your responsibility as a park director in My Fantastic Park.

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