Mutant Badlands
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Mutant Badlands
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Mutant Badlands Description

You find yourself in a desolate wasteland, years after a devastating asteroid impact, you find yourself among a select few survivors holding out against the horrible creatures created by the cataclysmic event.


Mutant Badlands is a turn based RPG style adventure game, with roots in popular pen and paper RPG’s such as Dungeons & Dragons. In the vein of these influences, you will create a character, develop your skills and progress to new levels of power and customization. You character in the game will be rendered as a fully customizable avatar whose appearance you can change by finding new items during your journey.

You will be required to carry out quests initiated in interactions with various NPCs to explore the wastelands and strengthen your character. Your story begins when you awaken from a coma, caused by the tremendous meteor impact. Luckily, you were among the few that made it into one of the underground bunkers, protecting you from the full force of the blast and nearly all of the resulting radiation. After awakening you will need to explore the city block by block to scavenge for resources unaffected by the catastrophe to make survival easier.

After a while your primary goal in Mutant Badlands will be to establish a safe house in which you can hold out against the mutants and monsters that roam the desolate cityscape. Survival is a neverending struggle, but there will be plenty of features to keep your quest lively, with deep crafting systems, advanced combat, perks and achievements and an expansive map with plenty of areas to explore, even after you have set up your safe house. There will be endless opportunities to team up with fellow survivors to increase your chances against the hordes of monsters, but choose your allies wisely, for the resources are scarce and it is no secret that without a well rationed rebuilding effort, the current state of the world certainly cannot support everyone who inhabits it.

by Jonathan Smith

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