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Music Soul
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Music Soul Description

Dancing makes the world go round! In this MMO, dancing even saves the entire universe. Challenge other musical souls by visiting the most popular club of them all: Starlight Boulevard. Enter the virtual world to join in on the social experience…


How do you feel about snazzy leotards and leather jackets? Yeah, we here at browsergamez like them too! The online world of Music Soul is all about fashion, dancing and keeping up appearances. This client-based game is certainly no Dance Dance Revolution where you have to get all sweaty yourself. Instead, you can create your very own character to battle it out against others. To make sure that everyone is connected on a global scale, the publishers are providing one mega server that holds all players. This way, you can collectively sway your body to upbeat music with players from the other side of the world.

Music Soul offers something for every taste. Whether it is Disco Pop, Drum and Base or Metal: Use the rhythmic beats of the music to show your friends who’s the king or queen of the dance floor and beat everyone that dares to challenge you. This dance MMO features different maps for you to enjoy and play on. Feel like smooching your partner? Then visit the Romantic Town. If you want to show off your magical dancing powers to a crowd, then pick the Stage of Light.

You don’t have to be an experienced dancer to play this game, as Music Soul features several game modes for you to try out. In the form of mystical human beings, you can enter different battlegrounds, offering you various missions to play through. While Luka dazzles her audience with a jazzy style and summons the Cheshire Cat as an ally, Oasis uses his beaming smile to bring down the house. Watch out for Devil because the master of rock’n’roll utilizes fiery spells to beat the competition or, well, you!

Instead of focusing on just one genre, Snail Games USA keeps releasing new and innovative games. With Age of Wushu, they have dipped into the world of Ancient China, while Solar Tempest brings another hack’n’slay title to the table. Their portfolio also includes Black Gold Online, a steampunk MMORPG that gives players the opportunity to fight against machines and mythical creatures alike. Music Soul, however, is one of the first online games to have competitive dance modes as a main feature.

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