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Music Battle
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Music Battle Description

The world of music is a cut-throat business ... literally. Make a name for yourself on the streets in this free-to-play browser MMO and prove you have what it takes to get to the top...


Life as a musician is hard on the streets in Music Battle. Everyone is out to get you because you are one more person that could take them out in the long run. Build up your character and make sure you don’t get knocked off on your way to the big times.

Training in the gym with your character is important. Music Battle confrontations are based upon the stats that you develop by training and doing missions. The better stats you have, the better you will fare against your opponents.

A life of crime can also be beneficial for you in Music Battle. Committing crimes will get you money which you can use to buy new items and make your character stronger. Be careful though because getting caught will send you to jail.

If you end up a losing a fight because you are too weak and can’t cut it, you don’t need to worry. There is a hospital in-game where you simply have to rest and relax until you get better. How long you will be in there though, depends on how badly you are hurt.

Music Battle is an online MMO where you call the shots. Get a high enough score and be seen by everyone as the Best DJ. Train to fight people who challenge you and make sure not to lose your nerve. Think you have what it takes to be the next big name in Music Battle?

by Kyle Hayth

Music Battle Screenshots

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