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MU Classic
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MU Classic Description

The town’s walls are the only thing that is stopping the demons from attacking the innocent people in this free-to-play RPG. Are you the brave warrior that the humble townspeople seek to bring peace to their land?


A once peaceful land is now under attack by powerful demons who are using their magic to change wild animals into deranged monsters. The towns and their buildings are the only barrier between the innocent people and these bloodthirsty savages. Awaiting a brave warrior to restore peace, these poor folk have no option but to reside in the safety of their homes. Choose your class and step forth into an adventure to save the world from the grips of evil in this free-to-play fantasy MMORPG!

Similar to other browser-based MMO games, like League of Angels and Knight's Fable, MU Classic invites you to choose between 4 distinct heroes, each with their own unique strengths in combat. As you progress, your chosen character will master various different weapons and learn many new abilities, making them stronger and more powerful in battle. Become a swordsman and master melee attacks, dealing large amounts of physical damage with two powerful swords. If magic is more your style, then choose to become a mage and cast a variety of powerful spells. Play as an archer, a female hero that can kill her enemies from a distance using a powerful bow, or become a magic gladiator who excels at close combat and can deal devastating magic attacks.

Having chosen your hero, it is now time to enter MU Classic’s dangerous homeland and begin your adventure. Take on quests to rid the world of the demons that are destroying it. Make friends on your journey and become an unstoppable team of heroes by joining a guild. Use the combined power of all four classes to take down the larger enemies, entering increasingly difficult dungeons to pick up loot and fight evil bosses. Embark on quests to find rare and unique items, like deadly weapons, mysterious artifacts, and important scrolls, all with the hope of becoming the most powerful warrior in the land and destroying the demons once and for all!

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