Mountain Goat Mountain
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Mountain Goat Mountain
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Mountain Goat Mountain Description

There’s no time to be sheepish! Jump at the chance to get involved in Zynga’s most exciting free arcade game yet, Mountain Goat Mountain.


Everybody knows that goats can be cute, friendly, and produce some great cheese, but in this beautiful endless climbing game you have the chance to take a goat to dizzying new heights, all for free! Fans of Crossy Road or Doodle Jump will feel at home playing Mountain Goat Mountain, helping your new best friend through an array of different landscapes on your iOS or Android devices. The arcade game features a small goat attempting to reach the top of a mountain, and throughout the journey he is confronted by different traps, speed boosts, and jumps. Zynga has brought you massive titles such as Farmville, so you are in safe hands when it comes to producing excellent and addictive online games.

Free, addictive and fun?! You’ve goat to be kidding me!

The gameplay in Mountain Goat Mountain is surprisingly intuitive. At first it seems very fast, but after a few attempts you’ll be soaring up the mountain with the surefootedness of a real Himalayan mountain goat. There are a total of 20 different goats that you can unlock for free and venture up the unknown with. Each comes with their own different art style. One of the more outstanding characters is the unicorn goat, whose mountain is covered in colorful pink waterfalls and who has a long sparkly rainbow trailed from its behind.

Vibrant and beautiful graphics.

You’ll be stunned by how vibrant the graphics look on your iOS and Android devices; the scenery is amazing. There are loads of different scenery options in this mobile game, ranging from the Arizona Desert to the Winter Wonderland, and many in between. It’s always satisfying to find a free-to-play casual game with so much effort put into the small details. The coins you earn are extremely fast to collect, and can be quickly used on more goat buddies, all for free.

Download Mountain Goat Mountain now and get goating!

Mountain Goat Mountain Screenshots

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