Motorsports Manager
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Motorsports Manager
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Motorsports Manager Description

In this free-to-play browser game, you call the shots. Whether it is making sure your team is performing their best or ensuring your finances are right – you are in total control.


In Motorsports Manager, you take on the responsibility of managing your very own motorsports team. It is not easy to make sure that every aspect of your operation runs as smoothly as a fine-tuned Formula 1 engine, but if you manage to do so, you can be sure that you will see your team quickly rise up to the top of the poll.
Seeing as this is a manager game, you have control of absolutely everything and all of the fine details are in this free-to-play browser game. Keep track of your sponsors to make sure that the money to finance your team continues to come in. However, sponsors only come if you win races and that is why you also need to focus on optimizing your team as well.

Naturally, not just the folks on the side of the track are important – your team’s car is, too. To make sure that you keep on winning races, you can invest in upgrades and other modifications for your race car. Only a car in top form will be able to take the checkered flag.
Because Motorsports Manager is an online game, you are certainly not playing alone. Once you feel that you have a good team and car, you can take on players from around the world and show that you are the best manager of them all. All races are scheduled and at a set location, letting you prepare and be ready for the next event.

No one said it would be easy to manage your own motorsports team and in The Motorsports Manager, there is certainly no exception. Work hard and dedicate time to your team and you just might take the prize at the end!

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