Mortal Kombat X
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Mortal Kombat X
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Mortal Kombat X Description

Bringing the fierce Mortal Kombat characters to your mobile devices, this game has all the action of the iconic martial arts game while incorporating elements of a card battle strategy game. Fatalities on your tablet, what more could you want?


Originating as an arcade game and released as a console game ten years later, Mortal Kombat has now made its way to your mobiles and tablets. But how?, we hear you ask. Esspecially when the game we all know and love comes into its own through the button mashing of the console controller or the joystick and AB buttons of the original arcade game. It’s not like we can bash our mobile devices touchscreens in the same way for risk of breaking them. Well, the folks over at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Infinite Crisis) have come up with an ingenious solution to bring the tactical fighting of mortal kombat to our mobiles and tablets, without the risk of ruining our precious touchscreens: card battle gameplay.

For the uninitiated, a card battler is a game where you must collect a deck of unique cards and strategize your next move according to the strength of your deck. Each card will represent a character, a strength or power, and other such features. It is up to you to decide which card to play next in order to outwit your opponents and unleash some devastating attacks. This game also incorporates some card collecting elements, where players will fight against other players online with the hope of gaining newer, better, and rarer cards that will likely have more power.

Mortal Kombat X brings to your mobile devices multiplayer combat, in the form of martial arts (even though the moves are mostly fictional), using the legendary Mortal Kombat characters, like Scorpion who unleashes supernatural moves that inevitably lead to a complete knockout. Watch them in action as you go forth into a world of kung fu, martial arts, ka pow! This game showcases the iconic visceral combat with an updated version of the retro graphics that Mortal Kombat fans will be more than farmiliar with.

Engage in missions and develop your deck of character cards as you progress. Will you be the next mobile martial arts master and top the leaderboards in this free-to-play fighting game?

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