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Mortal Fighter
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Mortal Fighter Description

Train up to five athletes in the sacred practice of martial arts in your own personal gym complex, and use your highly skilled fighters to engage in fast-paced combat...


In the free browser game Mortal Fighter it is your mission to construct and expand your own gym, whereby you expertly train athletes in the highly disciplined practice of martial arts. In Mortal Fighter to set a fine example and act as a true master you must also participate in the training alongside your athletes. Increase the profit of your gym and partake in thrilling battles against enemy fighters.

Combine a rigid physical training regime with the latest in sleek gym equipment to build up your strength and the strength of your athletes. The more disciplined you are, the stronger and more skilled you will be, and the more likely you are to be victorious in combat. Send your specialised fighters all over the cities of Mortal Figher on unique crime-fighting missions. Take part in disciplined tournaments or roam the streets as a solo fighter, front-kicking your way through the streets.

In Mortal Fighter you can join or form your own powerful clan with which to take on the forces of crime with, and even conquer entire city zones. For every action you and your team of fighters take you are rewarded with experience or money, prompting you to level up and helping you to learn new powerful martial arts skills.

Become an expert in specialised martial arts skills, and teach your knowledge to your disciples in Mortal Fighter. Send your athletes to the ring as they fight for the prestigious championship title. Embark on brutal raids on other gyms and loot their valuable equipment and money so you can greedily and strategically improve your own gym.

With a highly disciplined mindset, a structured training program, a fiercely motivated team of athletes and a penchant for business, watch your gym expand and become the greatest champion fighters of all time.

by Kyle Hayth

Mortal Fighter Screenshots

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