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Moonstars Description

Aliens don't always have to be vicious creatures looking to destroy our planet. Here, they are your friends and will help you become the most legendary farmer in all of Moonstars. Add other players as your neighbors in this social browser game...


Cute little aliens have landed on Planet Earth and are willing to lend you a helping hand in setting up your very own farming empire. Sounds big, eh? And big it will be, once you get past the first baby steps and play through the Moonstars tutorial missions. Complete them one by one to benefit from a steady income of resources, to expand your property and to gain more levels. The more experience points you gather, the more powerful you get! Experience will be granted to you when you accomplish new achievements or send aliens on an expedition to explore new realms in the free online game.

Every farmer needs its helpers. In Moonstars, different alien characters are eager to assist you in meeting new friends and climbing the official leaderboard. They will embark on challenging journeys in your name and snatch up valuable rewards to add to your warehouse. Setting up aether mines and upgrading them to increase their production value is the first step to always having enough materials to spend on new inventions and structures. Resources can also be sold on the market to make a profit or be given to other players as gifts. Join the farming community by logging into Moonstars with your Facebook account! Adding friends as your neighbors (like in other social games) will help you stock up on rare items.

The world of Moonstars holds many secrets and it is up to you to uncover them. The simulation game published by Plinga (Dreamfields, Klondike) has different regions for you to explore, including a nifty beach and mysterious cliffs that need to be thoroughly searched for alien technologies. If you notice flying satellites making their way across your island, make sure to click on them before they have the chance of getting away. If you’re lucky, catching them will grant you a reward that could help you set up new buildings in the free-to-play simulation.

Moonstars Screenshots

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