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MonstersGame Description

Experience the epic war that is raging between werewolves and vampires, join one of their legacies, and get ready to embark on the race to control the world...


MonstersGame is a browser based role-playing game set in a dark world, ravaged by war. When starting out in the game you must choose your own character with which you will roam the vast landscape with. Decide whether you will fight staunchly and loyally for the vampire race, or pledge your allegiance to the werewolves. In the online role-playing game MonstersGame your character has several statistics that will need to be monitored throughout the game to ensure your survival. These include strength, defence, agility, stamina, dexterity, experience and health points.

By taking on and defeating your enemies in intense battles, you are able to earn gold, XP points as well as honor amongst your clan. Using the gold you earn in these exciting fights you are able to buy your own special hideout recluse. Here you will be able to erect various buildings, walls, and paths. As you upgrade your hideout you reduce the chances of being hunted down by your opponents. It is therefore advantageous in the online game MonstersGame to set up your hideout as soon as possible.

In the MonstersGame town there are a number of shops and facilities that players can utilize to help improve their position in the game. Visit the store to purchase rings and amulets for battle, take on a job at the graveyard to earn extra cash, purchase a hound sentinel to keep you company and help you in combat, and challenge your ancestors to a duel at the ancestral site. Participate in epic raids and arena battles against your enemies, or form a clan with which to roam the darkened and war torn world in MonstersGame.

by Kyle Hayth

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