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MonstersArmy Description

In this strategic browser game you are taken into the heart of an ongoing battle between werewolves and vampires – you must join the fight or choose to perish...


There are several components in the fantasy strategy browser game MonstersArmy. These include construction and development of your own town, preparing for battle by training and guiding powerful military units, undertaking research of new technologies to use to your advantage, production of valuable resources and more.

You start out in the browser game by choosing between one of two races to join – werewolves or vampires. Werewolves have a superhuman ability to shape shift, with an innate strength and speed in everything they do. Vampires are frightening creatures of the night that possess unique dark skills.

To assist you in combat, you are able to hire a whole range of heroes and units. Choose from special units, airborne units, infantry units, and cavalry. Heroes in the browser based game MonstersArmy will provide a damage bonus, speed bonus or a reduction in human consumption during movement in the battles. When starting out in MonstersArmy, you will be given a gold mine that you must upgrade in order to increase the hourly production rate of precious gold. In addition to a gold mine, you must also construct and upgrade your village, hideout, town hall, blacksmith, treasury, barracks, stables, fortress, archery range, city wall, and ancestral site.

You are also able to conduct research regarding new units, buildings and skills at the in-game university. At the university you can research new military leadership and combat techniques, as well as the development of your vampire or werewolf race. Set up a war camp to house your troops and store your gold reserves, and conquer neutral cities to expand your MonstersArmy empire and legacy. Become a hero as you conquer the vast land in the free-to-play browser game MonstersArmy.

by Kyle Hayth

MonstersArmy Screenshots

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