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Monster Makeup
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Monster Makeup Description

Choose snazzy outfits and the right makeup to create the most dazzling styling to ever grace a mobile screen! In just a few easy steps, you will create a drop dead gorgeous model in this free mobile app. Quite literally, as these are monster girls...


In Monster Makeup, you get to pick and choose what goes into the styling of your character and help those girls get back on track with their fashion sense. Their choices are so last century! Thankfully, you will provide them with an expert opinion and match the haircut to the outfit to the accessories. The free-to-play styling app breaks the mold a little bit by offering you to work on monster girls. Monster girls that are, let’s say, not exactly conventionally beautiful and are in dire need of a bit of touching up. You will start by clearing the skin and removing pesky zits. The next step will be to both brush and shampoo the girl’s luscious locks. Add highlights to complete the edgy look or simply use hair color to spice things up!

These are only the first steps to turning your monster girl into a flawless beauty queen, however. A lot of work goes into the perfect styling, so get ready to tap and swipe across the touchscreen of your mobile device to complete the makeover process. Different shades of makeup are available to you. Pick the one that you like best and then match all other choices with the color pallet. And what would a styling app be without a wide array of distinct eyelashes? Adding these to your monstrous girl will give her that last finishing touch and complete an irresistible makeup. Even ghouls and ghosts need a makeover from time to time!

Monster Makeup is a free-to-play app available on mobile phones and tablets. Conjuring up the perfect styling on your first try might not be easy. That is why there is no such thing as making the wrong choice in this dress up game, as every step in the spa makeover can be reverted with the help of magical face washes. From demon wings to trendy handbags: While fashion items might not be a necessity for all looks, be aware that picking the right accessory can make or break the makeup!

Monster Makeup Screenshots

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