Monster Legends
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Monster Legends
What to expect:
  • Over 300 monsters to collect
  • Many houses and buildings to develop for them
  • Breed new species by using cool combination of monsters
  • Many island to conquer and completely free to play
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  • RPG
  • Topic
  • Fantasy
  • Monsters
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Collect all the monsters and fight !

Catch and tame a mighty beast that will fight for you in heated battles. More than 100 unique monsters await in this mobile game. Breed them with one another to create unique creatures that will stand out…


The concept is simple but very addicting: Humans have always kept pets as their companions. Dogs have been bred and trained for tens of thousands of years. The Egyptians kept cats and dogs and Baroque nobility even kept peacocks in their garden. This fascination for animals has never gone away. The more exotic, the better. The gaming industry has made good use of this concept. Games like Digimon Masters and Skylanders Battlegrounds allow you to collect your very own creatures, tend to them, and train them for heated battles. Now, the creators of Dragon City have developed a new mobile game that allows you to catch and breed more than just dragons.

In Monster Legends, you will find more than 100 unique monsters. All of these creatures belong to a specific type which gives them certain skills and advantages in battles. You heard right: In the mobile game, you will go up against other monster masters in heated battles. The action game features 3 versus 3 combat which requires lots of tactical thinking. Make the right decisions to come out as the winner. Only then will you be able to reach the top of the ranking.

Naturally, you will want to have unique monsters that can give you a clear advantage in battle. Breed different types with one another to see what kind of hybrid monster will come out. Monster Legends constantly adds new monsters that you can breed, catch, and train. In a true role playing game fashion, you can collect experience points to level up your monsters.

The mobile game features both an Adventure and Arena mode in which you can test your skills, strategy, and stamina and see what your monsters are capable of. Make sure to shield yourself from your opponents’ attacks and steal their resources when the timing is right.

Download Monster Legends in the iTunes or Google Play Store for free and catch, breed, and train a variety of monsters.

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