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Monopoly Description

Have you always wanted to play your favorite board game wherever and whenever you felt like it? You now have the chance to do so! Download it on your mobile device and take it wherever you go...


The history of Monopoly can be traced back to 1903, believe it or not! Naturally, this version of the game wasn’t quite the refined board game we know and love today, but it was the origin of the concept. In 1936, the version that every family has played together at one point or another was released. Since then, many parties and gatherings have come together, merely for the purpose of playing a round or two of Monopoly. The fun game features truly everything that is beloved and cherished about a good board game - tactics, negotiations, and a little bit of luck. In case you’ve ever really wanted to play a quick round of Monopoly while on the go, you now have the chance to do so in Electronic Arts’ (The Sims FreePlay, Tetris) mobile app of the same name.

More than simply adapting or interpreting the original game, the app is the original board game in a mobile guise! For the first time ever, you can challenge your friends to a game of Monopoly on your tablet. Instead of using an actual board and plastic figures, you will use the touchscreen controls to make progress. The fun game allows you to customize the rules to your own liking. We all have come up with our own twists and turns to the original rules over the course of the years. If your party unexpectedly has to come to an end, you can simply save your game and continue whenever you get back together with your friends.

In comparison to the original board game, the mobile version allows you to select your difficulty setting. There are three different levels of difficulty that will decide how challenging the game will get. Naturally, you can also customize the number of players considering how many people have come together to play a round of Monopoly. The app also features the option to customize the game environment to your personal liking.

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