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Monkey Quest
What to expect:
  • Save the island of Ook in this free browser based adventure game
  • Participate in many wacky quests in a cartoony world
  • Save the world by slipping into the role of a monkey hero
  • Customize your protagonist to your heart's content
  • Meet and chat with other players from around the world
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Become a True Hero in Monkey Quest, the Free Browser Game

A jungle full of fun and adventure awaits you in Monkey Quest. Save the island of Ook as you swing from tree to tree, defeating the evil invaders!


The island of Ook is in trouble and it is up to you and your monkey friends to help stop the evil that has arisen in the middle of the island. This free-to-play browser game will challenge you to complete quests in a wacky, cartoon-styled world. The key to this game is to save the world, one banana at a time but have fun while doing so.

In Monkey Quest, you will be able to create your own monkey hero and customize it to how you see fit. Choose the color of your fur, your face and even some wicked hair styles that will show off just what kind of monkey adventurer you are. As you journey throughout the world of Monkey Quest with your custom-made hero, you will find yourself facing off against Ka’s shadow minions. Accept quests from your fellow monkeys to help scare off these devious creatures and restore peace to the land of Ook.

Tired of the same old outfit and lame looking monkey? Fear not, because in Monkey Quest, you can also create your own equipment. To craft items, you will first need a recipe which can be bought or found in the world around you. Once you have the recipe, you will have to collect the necessary ingredients and then, Voila! Your new item there for you.

Every monkey needs friends and that is why in Monkey Quest, you will be able to meet and chat with players from around the world. These players can also come together and form a Tribe, giving you the chance to play alongside your friends and really experience the world of Ook!

Of course, it is also nice to have a companion always at your side as well. That is why you have the opportunity to own pets in Monkey Quest. These loyal friends will be at your side as you fight against Ka and his minions.

by Kyle Hayth

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