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Monkey King
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Monkey King Description

Slip into the role of a mighty warrior and become the legend you were destined to be in this browser game. Calling upon the power of animal spirits will help you defeat even the most dangerous of monsters, especially if you join forces with other players!


Various online games have taken inspiration from characters that resemble apes: While League of Legends offers players Wukong as a monkey champion, Sun Wukong is a playable character in Smite. If you are not in the mood to participate in heated battles against other players and waste any time and effort on playing a MOBA game, you might want to look into one of R2 Games latest projects. Monkey King is a browser game that only requires a stable internet connection to play. Just sign up online, create an account and you are welcome to dive into the fantasy world without having to pay a single dime. There’s one thing you need to do before you get to explore all features that await you in this free-to-play game: Choose one of four available characters.

First off, we have the hero that gave the game its name, the Monkey King. The shapeshifting beast wields a massive cudgel with which he can knock enemy targets unconscious and trigger abilities like Crimson Cloud or Warped Universe. If you enjoy melee combat but prefer someone a little more durable, check out the Bull. His formidable armor keeps him from taking damage when channeling his inner rage on skills like Felling Axe or Chaos Divide. The Fox knows how to swiftly swing her blade to take down foes and dazzle them with Spectral Charm or the Nine-Tailed Flurry. Then there’s the Iron Fan, a noble sorceress that is adept in using Chi to her advantage and casting spells to take control of the battlefield with Gale Sparks or Thundercloud. Which character will you choose?

You will come across many other players as you make your way through the fantasy world of Monkey King. There's a handful of possibilities for you to get in contact with them: While the in-game chat system is the easiest form of communication in the browser game, you can also head inside the arena and face your opponents head on in intense player-versus-player battles. Any new item you pick up can either be used to upgrade your champion or to generate an income in in-game currency.

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