Monkey King Escape: New Endless Runner by Ubisoft

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Monkey King Escape

Monkey King Escape

While some studios are hell-bent on advertising a new game right before and after it’s released, Ubisoft took the more relaxed road with their latest project, Monkey King Escape. Without a big bang of an announcement, the studio launched a brand-new endless runner that puts players in the shoes of the Monkey King. Not just any old monkey king, however, but the one that has feasted upon the peaches of immortality. This has upset the Jade Emperor and now, the simian warrior needs to run, dash, and sprint through various levels while collecting coins and battling icky boss monsters...

Monkey King Escape is a classic endless runner that combines both action-packed levels and intense Kung Fu combat. Taking on the Emperor’s minions will take more than just the occasional jump and punch, but require the right timing and strategy. The more coins players collect on their adventures, the quicker they can unlock additional characters.

It’s important to pick up as many power-ups and boosts while on the hunt for treasure and safety in the mobile app, as these make it possible to reach the finish line much faster and will increase the overall highscore. And an impressive highscore will certainly come in handy when other gamers are in the mood for a competition...

Ubisoft’s new mobile app is now available for free on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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