Monkey King Escape
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Monkey King Escape
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Monkey King Escape Description

Be the Monkey King you were destined to be and escape the Jade Empire by unleashing your powers! Don’t worry about having to face the endless runner challenges alone, as other players and animal spirits will come to your aid in Ubisoft’s mobile game...


Being the ruler of an entire kingdom can be a daunting task, especially if the Jade Emperor is angered by your choice to munch on the peaches of immortality without his consent. Just because you’re invincible now as the monkey king doesn’t mean you aren’t in danger! Vicious beasts are after you in Monkey King Escape and with the help of intuitive touchscreen controls, it’s up to you to utilize a wide array of Chinese Kung Fu moves to knock out enemies and get to safety.

Endless Runner on the Go

The Monkey King character has made many appearances in the world of video gaming over the years - including popular online titles such as League of Legends or Smite. In Monkey King Escape, players have the opportunity to become furry royalty and use magical powers to their advantage. Have you been itching to dash and slide through colorful levels from the comfort of your iOS or Android mobile device? If that is the case, this free app brought to you by Ubisoft (Rayman Jungle Run) has all the endless runner adventures you could possibly hope for. As you sprint through the temple, different power-ups and boost will present themselves to you. Collect them to unlock a new highscore! You can decide between helping out friends and challenging them to competitive duels. What will it be?

Unlock Rewards in Monkey King Escape

Speed and precision are the key ingredients to performing well in Monkey King Escape. If you manage to run (and sometimes even fly) through the levels and gather as many coins as possible, it won’t take long for you to unlock nifty costumes and other playable characters. Boss fights are also a huge part of the jump’n’run game. In order to beat even the toughest of opponents, you will have to come up with a solid battle plan that includes martial arts and channeling other animal spirits. Their powers are different to yours and can be used to blindside the Jade Emperor’s henchmen...

Monkey King Escape Screenshots

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Monkey King Escape Tests

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    03/03/2015 08:04 am - We here at have high standards for ourselves. In our Quick Byte, we want to jump into a game for 30 minutes and share our impressions. Sure, it is not the most thorough possible review, but sometimes half an hour is all it takes to...more

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