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MondoZooPark Description

Create your own zoo in this free-to-play browser game! In the various habitats available you take care of your wonderful animals. Beware – You also need to please your customers!


In the free-to-play browser game, MondoZooPark, you take on the role of an ambitious zoo manager. Everything that goes on the park goes according to how you want it – the decorations, the animals… everything!

Alongside some cute goats or portly pigs, you can take care of your horses. Later, you may even be able to get some of those fancy exotic animals into your zoo. For example, giraffes, tigers, and lions are all ready to be taken care of and have some love from their great zoo manager. The more you accomplish at your zoo in MondoZooPark, the more habitats and creatures you will have available to put in your park.

As the zoo manager in MondoZooPark, you are responsible for all of your four-legged friends. Every day you will have to check up on them, feed them and show them some love to make sure they are taken care of. Only if you consistently take care of them will you level up.

Of course, having happy animals means more visitors. In MondoZooPark, you are the manager, meaning you have to not only ensure the happiness of your animals but of your visitors as well. This means providing ample seating, appropriate waste disposal and more. The happier the customers are, the more money you will get!

You are in charge in MondoZooPark. Make sure everything is taken care of and in tip-top shape to have the best zoo around!

by Kyle Hayth

MondoZooPark Screenshots

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