Molehill Empire
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Molehill Empire
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Molehill Empire Description

As a dwarf, you are responsible for the creation of your own rich garden paradise. You plant different plants so you have plenty to harvest and sell later...


There are certainly different opinions about gardening. Some find it pretty to just let everything grow as nature intended, while other gardeners insist on a seamless turf. And then there are people who like small ceramic creatures which are neatly positioned in the front yard - garden gnomes.

You hopefully belong to the third group. After all, you'll be the leader of a small gnome troop in Molehill Empire. As a gnome you will roam the green world of the browser game and indulge in your passion: gardening. Molehill Empire is a massively multiplayer strategy game that is designed as a browser game. Therefore, it does not require any download or installation and you can enter your garden from any computer.

Technically speaking, Molehill Empire is a business simulation. Because, as a gnome, you take care of all aspects regarding your garden. You are the lord of the front yard and can arrange it as you wish. You have to sow flower seeds, vegetables, onions, put plants into the soil and carefully plan to build all elements of the garden.

Once you put the seeds in the ground you need to care of your vegetables, of course. Regular watering is a required task. In autumn you can harvest onions and potatoes from your small field. Hopefully you have not forgotten about the strawberries until now. You can sell your yield to other gnomes or customers in Molehill Empire. You will need the money. After all, you need to buy seeds for the next season. And of course, your garden is not all only about plants. It can be considered your little empire which you need to embellish accordingly. In town you can purchase lovely decoration elements.

And what would a garden be without neighbors? It would probably be only half as much fun. So you should always be concerned about the welfare of your neighbors.

by Kyle Hayth

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