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Modern Sniper
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Modern Sniper Description

The world needs another sniper that has mastered the art of taking down high-profile targets in just one precise shot. If you think your aim is good enough to complete dozens of action missions in this mobile game, step right up and give it a try!


Mobile games make it possible for stressed-out individuals to lose themselves in a virtual online world and wind down a little bit after a hard day’s work. Usually, additional tasks are not what gamers want once they open up an app, but in Modern Sniper, things are different: You are asked to take on the role of a contract killer and eliminate selected targets. What sounds like tough work is, in fact, a free action game that’s filled with fast-paced gameplay and highly dangerous missions. You will risk everything to fulfill your quest and take one more step towards hitman fame and glory...

In order to reach the top of the leaderboards in Modern Sniper, you will have to get a hold of sniper and assault rifles that are top notch quality. The starter weapon is certainly a good piece to get you through the tutorial missions and kick off your action-packed journey, but soon you will have to invest in-game currency (which you collect by following through on contracts) to purchase brand-new equipment and upgrade older rifles. More damage, better aim: Having access to the right firearm will see you through the toughest of quests in this free mobile app. With the right boomstick, there’s no stopping you. Master more than 50 unique challenges from the comfort of your Android smartphone or tablet!

Modern Sniper invites newbie players and experienced marksmen alike to step up their game and prove to the world that their aim is the most accurate. One shot, one kill: Missing your opening shot can cost you the mission, as that could potentially give targets enough time to escape your crosshairs. Use the touchscreen of your mobile device to find the right spot and only pull the trigger if you are absolutely sure that you have the shot! Bonus style points are obviously granted for headshots. Ah, the macabre world of shooting games...

Modern Sniper Screenshots

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