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Mobile Strike
What to expect:
  • Build and Expand a Military Basis
  • 16 Types of Troops
  • Form Alliances with Other Players
  • Modern War Vehicles
  • Free-to-Play on Android and iOS devices
  • Mobile Games
  • Apps
  • iOS
  • Online Games
  • Strategy
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Play Mobile Strike for Free on Smartphones and Tablets

With an impregnable base and a powerful army, you have a good chance to win every battle in the free-to-play game Mobile Strike.


Welcome to a world of war and brutal battles. What would be a horrible scenario in the real world is a perfect setting in this mobile game, as it is your goal to build a powerful army that can take on any enemy. In your army base, you will come up with new strategies and plan the next expansion for your headquarter.

An Impregnable Base to Secure Each Win

The key to winning any battle in Mobile Strike is planning and building a strong base that no enemy can conquer. After all, every other player in the strategy game has the same goal as you. That means that each and every one might potentially attack your headquarter. Since you don’t want to go from one defeat to the next, you should make it your priority to expand and fortify your base. It is completely up to you, how exactly you want it to look in the end, as long as it’s secure. Never neglect your defense in this war game.

Military Troops Follow Your Every Command

Your army will be led by a commander, who obviously has to be well prepared for battle. Train him thoroughly, level him up, and supply him with superior firepower to guarantee that he comes out on top of every fight. In Mobile Strike, not only the right composition of your troops is important, but also the skills of your commander.

You will find 16 different types of troops in the war game. Each one of them has different advantages and disadvantages that you should make good use of. If that still doesn’t make you confident enough to go up against an enemy, you can team up with other players in alliances to take down powerful enemies. Teaming up with others will greatly increase your chances at winning battles.

Mobile Strike is available for free on Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads. After you’ve downloaded the app in your respective app store, you can immediately delve into the action.

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