MLB Manager Online
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MLB Manager Online
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MLB Manager Online Description

In this sports management themed browser game you are in charge of your own MLB team. Send your professional baseball team to the playing field, whilst you go to school or work...


In the browser-based baseball game MLB Manager Online, you take on the role of the manager of your very own professional MLB team. You are responsible for the coaching and management of your team, ensuring you do everything you can to secure victories and ultimately result in a place in the championships.

You are able to choose from over 900 of your favorite real-life Major League Baseball stars to have in your team. Not only can you recruit some of the current American MLB players into your team, but also players from the Japanese and Korean leagues. Before you recruit a player to your team in the simulation browser game MLB Manager Online, you are able to check their past statistics, skills and personal track record. This will ensure that you tactically and precisely recruit your team. Strive to build a super team with baseball professionals from all corners of the globe, becoming a MLB Manager Online champion.

The sports management game MLB Manager Online can be accessed from any browser all over the world, and doesn’t require any client downloads in order to run. All of the matches start automatically at a selected time, whether you are at your computer or not. All you need to do is set up your player lineup and choose a strategy, and the game will begin at the selected time. You are then able to check the match results at a later time. Go down in MLB Manager Online history as one of the most successful coaches of the most victorious baseball team.

by Kyle Hayth

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