MLB Dugout Heroes
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MLB Dugout Heroes
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MLB Dugout Heroes Description

Take hold of your bat, walk to the pitch, and brace yourself for a homerun in this online baseball client game. Play exciting matches and purchase slick equipment to improve your game play...


MLB Dugout Heroes is a client-based game where you participate in exciting baseball matches against numerous other players from all over the United States. The game features quirky animated versions of all of the current genuine Major League Baseball players. In the client game MLB Dugout Heroes you handpick your very own team and purchase new uniforms, bats and other equipment to improve your chances of victory.

Train your baseball team, compete in online games and overthrow your opponents and strive for the baseball championships. There are three stadiums in which you can play exciting matches, and additional stadiums can be purchased. In this sports client game you must recruit and train a host of baseball players, using the rewards you earn along the way to purchase additional skills for them. You can either practice against the computer, or play against real players online to improve your game play and level up.

As you progress through the game in MLB Dugout Heroes you also earn ‘nut’ credits which can be used to purchase additional items such as grip spray for your batters or powder for your pitcher's hands. Premium and power-up items can be purchased using 'campus' credits.

The 3D baseball game MLB Dugout Heroes has animated graphics and each game features unique in-game sound effects and commentary.

Show off your skills as a baseball champion as you strive to reach the top of the Major League Baseball ranks in the unique client game MLB Dugout Heroes. This is a thrilling game for fans of the sport, both young and old.

by Kyle Hayth

MLB Dugout Heroes Screenshots

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