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Mission Cobra
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Mission Cobra Description

Take on the role of a skilled secret agent and fulfill the difficult missions you are given. But beware: You are not the only talented spy in the field...


Mission Cobra offers you the opportunity to dive into the exciting world of secret agents, dubious clients, sensitive missions and mutual espionage. You take on the role of an agent. At the beginning you choose which organization you want to work for. Choices are the Mossad, MI6, CIA, BND, and KGB.

From now on you will receive various assignments – missions - from your employer which you have to complete. You will find out what to do via PDA integrated into the game. By using the PDA you can stay in contact with colleagues and enemy spies in the web game Mission Cobra.

In six different cities (Beirut, Madrid, Cape Town, Bogota, Shanghai, New Delhi) plenty of adventures and perils are waiting for you. Most jobs in Mission Cobra begin in the Embassy of the respective city. There, among other things, you can expand or refresh your equipment, create teams of agents, or strengthen your colleagues in training sessions.

Mission Cobra has different locations which you can visit and use. There is, for example, a bar where you can not only get a martini (shaken not stirred), but possibly also find a pleasant diversion from the agent's daily work in the form of an unknown beauty.

You are not invincible, of course, so there is also a hospital in Mission Cobra, where you go to regain strength after an attack by an enemy agent. The airport is also very important, especially for internationally operating secret agents like you. From there you are taken to the next town, where the next job is already waiting for you, in no time.

Mission Cobra Screenshots

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