Mission Against Terror
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Mission Against Terror
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Mission Against Terror Description

Step into a shooter that combines the best of two worlds: survival horror that will keep you on your toes and competitive gaming between two or more players! Customize weapons, explore new maps and master different modes in this free-to-play game...


Even the biggest and most advanced emergency shelter won't save you in the apocalypse that has hit this online shooter. Evil creatures and unhallowed spirits have taken over and it’s your responsibility to cleanse the world of the curse that has plagued the people of Mission Against Terror for years. Hell hath no fury like the demons that have risen to destroy everything and everyone in their way. This includes dragons, scorpions, scarabs, mummies and - of course - zombies. The bigger the target, the better the reward: Keep your eyes on the prize and slay as many monsters as possible either on your own, with friends or with strangers from all around the world. The more, the merrier!

Aside from the traditional approach that challenges players to kill a target in return for loot, experience, and fame, Mission Against Terror has more than 15 other game modes to offer. Pick up a weapon and go crazy trying to complete all objectives in each one. From joining the bomb squad to going on a bounty hunt, the MMOFPS is full of surprises, so make sure to bring your A-game. Survival and teamwork are the most important tasks in any of these missions. In order to stay alive even during the most challenging of events, you and your team must work together and have each other’s backs. Always keep an eye on the user interface to stay on top of your health, armor and ammo.

What would a shooter be without a massive arsenal of firearms? Mission Against Terror can certainly offer that as well as customizable weapons to fit your preferred play style. Whether you equip your character with a big whopper like the grenade launcher or opt for the quick and easy assault rifle, everyone will be happy to have you on their team as long as you’re not a sniper. Just kidding! Snipers are people, too. Join forces with other players in clans and enter tournaments to show off your skills in this free-to-play shooter.

Mission Against Terror Screenshots

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