Mirrors of Albion
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Mirrors of Albion
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Mirrors of Albion Description

Enter the Mirror World and become a master detective in this hidden object game available on Facebook or on your mobile device. Just download the gaming app for free and experience the magic firsthand by meeting peculiar characters and solving crimes...


Sherlock Holmes is one of the most iconic detectives in fiction, hands down. What if we told you that you could be just like him, hunt down treacherous thieves and save London from whatever evil plans the Queen of Hearts has concocted? A talking cat - none other that Ceshire Junior - and other eclectic characters will guide you through mysterious cases. In Mirrors of Albion, pretty much any gameplay feature can be seen as a tip of the hat to the late Lewis Carroll, the author of Through the Looking Glass. This, as you would imagine, allows for gripping storytelling and lore that will send you flying down the rabbit hole...

Mirrors of Albion is a hidden object game that can be played either on Facebook (in the browser of your choice) or on your mobile phone or tablet (compatible with Windows, Android and iOS). You will need a keen eye for detail if you want to spot every item stashed away by rogues. Soak in the gloomy yet thrilling atmosphere that this casual game has to offer both new players and experienced detectives alike. Detecting all kinds of different objects within the given amount of time will not only grant you the ultimate bragging rights among your friends, but also unlock additional levels in this free mobile title. Whether you are simply given a silhouette or nothing but the object’s name, you will have to make do with whatever clue you are given to complete dozens of unique levels. From teensy weensy chocolate bars to fuzzy slippers: Keep your eyes peeled in every scenery!

To make sure that none of your hidden object milestones goes unnoticed, Game Insight (Transport Empire) has included achievements that keep track of combo bonuses, points unlocked and how much time you spend working through different Mirrors of Albion challenges. Mastering one tricky puzzle after the next in this free-to-play game will grant you experience points. This is a resource that determines your skill level and lets you move on to more advanced stages of the game. The in-game store of this social game offers various goods that will help you become a legendary detective and bust even the most secret criminal organization that London of the 19th century harbors.

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