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Mir 2
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Mir 2 Description

Throughout the land of Mir, a war has been going on for thousands of years. You have the chance to discover the secrets scattered across the land and become the ultimate warrior...


Mir 2 is a free-to-play MMORPG that challenges you to become the most powerful hero of all time. You must choose your path and journey across the land completing quests to become more powerful than ever before.

Choose from one of four classes to begin your story in Mir 2. You can become a mighty warrior that seems to never run out of energy or health, a powerful wizard that weaves magical spells together in powerful torrents to unleash upon their enemies, an stealthy assassin that can strike an opponent before realizing you’re there or a Taoist that relies on knowledge and a sword to bring down enemies.

In Mir 2, there are countless places you can travel to and explore in the expansive world. As you journey across the land, you will encounter many fearsome creatures and terrifying enemies. Take them down to gain experience and glory.

As you gain experience, you will become more powerful. Mir 2 features a host of skills at your disposal that, as you become a higher level, will become available to you. Master these skills in order to become the ultimate hero.

You can also master not only skills but professions as well in Mir 2. As you defeat animals, you will be able to collect things from them using your butchering skill. Sometimes, you will find very useful things and you can utilize what you find to your advantage.

The battle rages on in the land of Mir and you need to rise to the occasion. Become the hero that everyone is searching for and defeat the evil that threatens your existence. Explore dark dungeons and journey across expansive landscapes in the free-to-play online game, Mir 2.

by Kyle Hayth

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