Ministry of War
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Ministry of War
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Ministry of War Description

Step back into an ancient world where a ferocious territory battle is raging between four nations – Rome, Persia, Egypt and China – in this thrilling real-time web game...


Ministry of War is a realtime strategy game in which you build an almighty empire in the ancient world. By growing an epic army in your empire and overthrowing your opponents, you get closer to the ultimate destination of world domination. At Ministry of War, you must choose an ancient faction to represent, be it the Romans, the Persians, the Egyptians or the Chinese. Once your nation has been decided, you embark to loyally fight to the death for them, as you re-write the history books. Only through close alliances and unity with ally armies will you be sure to succeed in winning this war.

Train and lead your army into epic and bloody battles against other players, conquer enemy territory and observe the progress of civilisation. At Ministry of War not only will you fight against NPCs and players, but take part in fierce battles between warring guilds. Do you fight for your land, or do you let your enemies take it from underneath your feet? You only have one choice: to fight!

Choose up to three stoic heroes to face war with from any of the four nations, and lead them into the ultimate ancient battle. Your heroes gain experience in fighting through extensive training, the use of special equipment, as well as building skills. Ministry of War has a quest and tutorial system to help get you off your feet – giving you hints and showing you opportunities when they arise.

Ministry of War, a strategic realtime browser MMOG, developed by Snail Game, has excellent realistic graphics combined with stimulating gameplay. Gather and train your armies, and march to the frontline, as you are prepared for the ultimate territory battle. Fight for your land and turn your enemies into dust!

by Kyle Hayth

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