Minions Paradise: Tips for Starting the Game

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Tips for New Players Starting Minions Paradise

Minions Paradise was released just last week, and now fans of Despicable Me can jump into this mobile game with their favorite yellow friends. This is the latest venture from Electronic Arts, and it is completely free-to-play. We are here to help you out when starting the game.

Minions Paradise

Minions Paradise

So we are just as excited about Minions Paradise as we're sure many of you are. Our problem is that the start to the game isn’t the most efficient way to play, so here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the Minions Paradise Island.

Minions Paradise: Don't Spend the Doubloons!

Don’t Spend the Doubloons!

When you start the game the tutorial walks you through some of the main aspects of the game, such as how to build things, how to set your minions to work, and most importantly for EA, how to use and buy doubloons.

During the tutorial, it’s a good idea to not spend the doubloons to speed things up, and just wait if you can manage it. If you want to be extra efficient, you can also not spend any doubloons at all, and save them for more important upgrades later on in the game.

Keep those Minions Working!

If there’s one thing a minion is good for, it’s doing valuable work on the island. Make sure that they are always working to get items, improve the island, or get party points. It may sound a little bit like slave labor, but they got themselves into this situation, so they can work to get themselves out.

Phil is in Minions Paradise

Phil is in Minions Paradise

Play the Mini-Games

At the start you’ll only have access to one mini-game, Fishing Frenzy, but later on you will unlock others dotted around over the island. These games are a great way to help you gather party points early on, and when you reach one of the reward milestones they give some good prizes. They’re also quite a lot of fun, so that’s good to keep you entertained while waiting for some of the minions to complete their tasks.

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