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03/27/2015 11:00 am by William Hankin in Weekly Top 5SurvivalMobile Games

Top 5

Top 5

Taking the gaming world by storm, Minecraft introduced a unique form of gameplay where players could essentially play god as they created all manner of buildings using the familiar Minecraft blocks. Many developers have since taken inspiration from this open-world title, bring out similar games like Trove and Landmark, which use the same block-based building system. However, none have seen such unprecedented popularity as the original Minecraft game, which is now available on mobile devices since the release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition. This week's Top 5 not only shows us the capabilities of this, seemingly simple building game, but also the dedication and patience of its players, not to mention their incredible imagination.

1. King’s Landing - Game of Thrones

Image source: pizzainacup

This ultra detailed Minecraft creation is mind-bogglingly brilliant, and from afar, it really does look like King's Landing from the Game of Thrones series. Believe it or not, this is but a small part of a much larger creation, where a team of Minecraft enthusiasts, called WesterosCraft, have taken it upon themselves to develop the whole of Westeros, including all the little villages, towns, forests, rivers, and pathways. It is not yet complete, but if this remake of King's Landing is anyting to go by, we can expect something quite spectacular!

2. Minas Tirith - Lord of the Rings

Image source: Cornbass

Lord of the Rings fans will be pleased to hear that the beautiful city of Minas Tirith and its surrounding lands have been completely reconstructed using Minecraft. The results are quite exceptional and there is no denying that this project is quite the success. Each and every avenue has been reconstructed in amazing detail, surrounding the central plinth that makes up the famous cliff from which Lord Denethor falls in flames.

3. Actual Cities

Image source: rikkuness

Entire cities, including their skyscrapers and all their buildings, have been created using building simulation games. Yes, they took ages to build and required seemingly endless hours of manpower, but was it worth it? We’ll let you decide. These cities are built as the result of a collaborative project using open-world building games like Minecraft, Trove, or Landmark, where numerous people work together to create not only the buildings, but also the interiors, the roads, the traffic lights and just about every detail you can think off, to recreate what hopes to be a scale model of a city.

4. Denmark

Image source:

The Danish Geodata Agency recreated the entire map of Denmark, true to scale, for educational purposes. That’s right, an entire country has been created as part of a collaborative, educational project for children. Unfortunately, some hackers, who were probably jealous of this fantastic Minecraft triumph, managed to destroy most of it, which is a shame, as this beautiful construction must have taken so long to create!

5. Working computer with RAM

Image source: Escapist Magazine

Redstone circuitry is an aspect of Minecraft that allows players power mine cart transportation systems and crude machinery. It also allows for automatic doors and passageways. To have something which can move in a game which consists of mostly static blocks/objects opens up a wealth of opportunities for Minecraft enthusiasts. Consequently, someone (most likely a genius) has used Mincraft's simple Redstone to create logic gates, and in turn, has created a virtual minecraft computer, that can actually store information. It's essentially a computer, in a computer game, in a computer!

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