Minecraft - Pocket Edition
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Minecraft - Pocket Edition
What to expect:
  • Tens of different materials to collect and build from
  • Many realms, servers and way to play the game
  • Try to survive at night and get stronger by day !
  • Mobile Games
  • Mojang
  • Microsoft
  • RPG
  • Open World
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Unleash your imagination and build anything !

Have you ever dreamed of being a digital god? Have you always wanted to create a virtual world, entirely to your liking? If that is the case, you should take a closer look at this mobile game which allows you to bring this franchise wherever you go!


When a sandbox indie game called Minecraft came out in 2009, it revolutionized the world of video games. Not only did it prove that it was possible and feasible for an independent developer to release an alpha version of a game, but it also established and defined an entire genre. Since its initial release and its full release on November 18, 2011, countless games have borrowed from Minecraft’s innovative idea of letting players be creative builders. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a world of video games without crafting. Games like Landmark and Trove and features like Sony Online Entertainment’s Player Studio would hardly exist. It has also become easier than ever for independent studios to release games without the support of a big publisher thanks to crowd funding and, naturally, pioneers like the folks over at Mojang.

Minecraft Pocket Edition brings the original to your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Build, create and go on adventures wherever and whenever you feel like it. Nothing will stop you from crafting, creating, and breeding! The mobile game includes both the Survival and Creative modes that you might be familiar with from the original PC installment.

The Creative mode is quite self-explanatory. Here, you have access to most resources and items that the mobile game has to feature and you can move freely around the world without getting harmed in any way. This game mode is simply for you to focus on crafting, building, and creating which is the heart of the game.

Survival mode includes all of the crafting features that can be found in Creative mode, but it adds another layer of adventure to the gaming app. Here, monsters will spawn and try to attack you. Your avatar will have a health bar and a hunger bar which you need to keep an eye on. You can craft armor, weapons, food and anything else that will be useful for your survival. Also, trade goods with villagers whenever you desperately need a certain resource.

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