Telltale Games: Minecraft Story Mode
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Telltale Games: Minecraft Story Mode
What to expect:
  • Experience the Minecraft Universe in a Brand New Way
  • Profound Plot Set in the Pixel World
  • Featuring the Voices of Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, and More
  • Make Your Own Decisions and Influence the Outcome of the Story
  • Thrilling Action, Gripping Plot, and an Epic Adventure
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  • iOS
  • Apps
  • Online Games
  • Text Adventure
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Go on an epic adventure in the Minecraft universe. Telltale Games: Minecraft Story Mode allows you to do so!


Whenever there is an iconic franchise that needs a high-quality video game, and not just any kind of quickly made casual game, but an adventure game with a profound story, there seems to be one studio to do the job – Telltale Games! After their successful interpretation of The Walking Dead franchise, the developers came back with a unique story in the Game of Thrones universe. Surprisingly, their next collaboration doesn’t come from film or television, but from the world of video games. Telltale Games has teamed up with Mojang to release Minecraft Story Mode – a narrative driven adventure game based on the Minecraft universe.

Reimagining Minecraft with Lore

Many might wonder how a text adventure set in the Minecraft world is supposed to work! The original PC game has partially become so groundbreaking because it doesn’t have any kind of plot at all. Each player can do whatever they want in this open world game. They can come up with their own quests, their own stories, and their own rules. How will this concept transport over to Minecraft Story Mode? The adventure game should be considered an interpretation of the sandbox game. It is not the official story for Steve, but simply a cool side project that allows players to explore the characters and world of Minecraft in a new way. Many players had been asking for a Minecraft lore, and this is their opportunity to explore it.

Similar to the prior Telltale Games releases, the adventure game is released episodically. This allows you to explore the plot over the course of several weeks – just as you would watch a television series. Typically for the studio, the title features several plot twists, profound characters, and thrilling events.

Does It Feel Like Minecraft

There is no reason to be afraid that Minecraft Story Mode completely reimagines the franchise. In contrast to The Walking Dead, it will not feature any kind of gore, as that would be atypical for the brand. The same goes for the graphics which are based on the cubic and pixelated look of the original.

Telltale Games: Minecraft Story Mode is coming out for PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PCs, Macs, and iOS and Android devices.

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