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Mine Things
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Mine Things Description

The last 2000 years humans have spent on the planet Mars after a terrible explosion. You return to the planet to find it covered in a thick layer of soot and ash. Now you must dig to survive...


Mine Things is a free-to-play browser RPG that puts you on post-apocalyptic Earth after humans have spent over 2000 years on the planet Mars. To survive you will have to dig to find resources, items and possibly treasures that you can trade with other players.

To begin your life in this new harsh environment, you will need to dig for items. Searching around the area can reward you with many different things. You can find almost everything as you wander the wastes and dig for treasures.

You can choose a profession in Mine Things ranging from a bum to a pilot. Each profession gives you different options and opportunities to explore the world around you. Watch out though, because each profession does have its disadvantages such as a trader being vulnerable to pirate attacks.

Take on other players who try to attack you or if you feel like attacking them. You can choose to be a marauding pirate who plunders other peoples goods or simply face-off against other players who maybe you just don’t like. Make sure you have good weapons and armor though, or you could end up being on the losing side.

Mine Things has numerous armor and weapon items that you can choose from. As you progress in the game, you will gain more money and resources. You can use these to buy items from the shop or from other players. If you are a pilot, you can even purchase a bomber.

Scrape out a living and become a legend among those living on Earth in the free-to-play browser game, Mine Things. Discover unique items and travel the wastes to uncover buried mysteries and items. Fight against other players to survive or defend yourself against those who would steal from you in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

by Kyle Hayth

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