Military Mayhem
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Military Mayhem
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Military Mayhem Description

You're small, weak and quite frankly, embarrassing. How do you get some respect? Go to the gym, earn some money and then buy some weapons. Only this way can you prove yourself to other players...


The basic idea of the game is simple and straightforward. Starting out with little money and being at the bottom of the food chain is where you begin - but you want to get to the top. Military Mayhem is a strategy game where you take your character from a nobody to a somebody through training, completing missions and defeating other players.

When you first start out, you'll see your basic vitals on the right hand side. This includes energy, incentive, experience and other similar categories. The vitals are important to pay attention to because everything you do requires one or more of them to perform – such as training.

To begin training at the gym you simply click and enter a code. The game-play of Military Mayhem is very simple being a “click and enter” type of format. By clicking on the gym and determining how many times you'd like to train, you can raise your basic stats. Of course this costs energy, and wanting to get things done faster, you can speed up the recovery rate by purchasing such things as tobacco and caffeine pills. However, these are not free and therefore you need to earn some money as well.

To earn money in Military Mayhem you have to complete missions. Although the interface is simple, the results of the missions can very greatly. For instance, you could be caught while you try to recon a village. Now you have to decide whether to escape or bribe the MP who arrested you. The choice is yours.

Once you have built your base stats to something respectable, you can really begin to reach your full potential. Later in the game it is possible to purchase flight training and heavy vehicle operation. As long as you have the cash, you can get the training.

There is also the opportunity to explore in Military Mayhem. This is how you move from place to place in-game and are able to interact with other players. You can head to the Military HQ for Dog-tag Trading or to the shopping mall for some Army surplus or a new kit.

by Kyle Hayth

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