The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Preview: Loot Your Socks Off

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Ubisoft announced in September of last year that they were currently working on the free-to-play, loot-packed title, The Mighty Quest for Epic Look. A rather interesting title that mocks the genre of such click-fests like Diablo 3, but it also gets directly to the point of what the game is all about. Apparently, Ubisoft Montreal realized the success that these click-tastic titles, such as Torchlight 2, were experiencing and decided to get on board with their own sarcastic creation.

Snot Killgrim Against the Rest of Opulencia

In The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, everything revolves around gold, treasure and honor – basically what every Medieval-themed adventure game is all about. However, the developers from Montreal have left some typical genre features fall to the side… namely the dark story and huge storyline to get to the plundering. Quite the opposite actually – all we have to do as a player is to be as merciless and hell-bent on destruction as possible to see our wealth grow. It is quite the perfect online game, seeing as most online games are all about death, destruction and other such forms of devastation. However, before we get the chance to go on our tour of plundering through various castles and keeps, we have to choose our hero. Currently, there are only two available choices: The Knight and the Archer. Later, there are going to be more classes available, such as the mage and another yet-to-be-named female class, but as of now we can only choose between melee or ranged. Since we here at like to live on the edge, we decided to go with the brave, the bold… the Knight.

Two Games in One for Even More Fun

So what is a knight without their own keep? You’re thinking it and we’ll just say it – nothing. That is why it is fantastic that in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot players not only get the chance to go delving deep into castles, but can create their own labyrinthine strongholds as well. In the version we go the chance to play, there was already a castle chosen for us and halfway built. Suddenly, it was very clear how the game functions. On the one hand, we have the opportunity to create our own castle from the ground up and pack it full with all kinds of monsters and booby-traps to keep strangers from coming in and stealing our goodies. On the other hand, we could choose to be these unwanted guests in the castles of other folks – getting up in there and stealing their stuff.

Our Castle Is as Tough as Chuck Norris

Our castle kills intruders seven different ways – and that is all at once! So, we get to work constructing our keep that will drive other players absolutely crazy. The same rules apply that are found in many other games: the farther we progress, the more opportunities and things we have available to us. That means we can make our quaint little castle into the Lord Ultimate Death Doom Volcano Destructo Castle. In the individual rooms we place various traps which are designed to shred, tear, mutilate, burn, ignite, crush, twist, stretch, beat, even tar and feather our enemies. Yet, we find this is not enough. What could we do more? Well, there is quite the choice of fine and terrible monsters to choose from, as long as we have enough cash. If an enemy hero happens into the area of one of these evil creatures, it will attack mercilessly.

How many monsters and traps we can put in our castle depends on what level we are, but whoever makes it to the treasure vault, has most definitely earned it. If we want to see how successful other players are in defeating our castle, we can even watch a wonderful replay with the wonderful replay feature.
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