Might and Magic Heroes Online: Group Up with Friends in New Party Raids

03/28/2014 05:29 am by Anna Radak in NewsBrowser GamesRPG

Might and Magic

Might and Magic

New group challenges will soon be available in Might and Magic Heroes Online. In just a couple of weeks, players will gain access to so-called Party Raids. These special tasks are designed for characters that have reached level 30 and require five players.

Playing through the browser game will slowly introduce you to the new quests. You don’t have to jump into these raids right away, though - returning to them at a later date is always possible, especially if you have to gather friends or replenish your troops first. Whenever you are ready to take on the challenge, all you have to do is head back to the province and look for the respective portal.

Strength in numbers!

To give you an incentive to actually push through (other than for fun), you will know beforehand what kind of rewards await you at the end. Keep in mind that certain encounters require unique strategies, so make sure the people you are going with are ready to step it up. Don’t even think about quitting early and leaving your allies behind, says Ubisoft (The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot). Whoever chickens out during one of the newly introduced Party Raids will not receive any loot whatsoever. Not finishing every encounter in time will also prevent you from successfully finishing the challenge.

Source: Official game homepage
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