Might and Magic Heroes Online
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Might and Magic Heroes Online
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Might and Magic Heroes Online Description

Control powerful heroes and lead armies to victory in this browser-based, free-to-play strategy RPG. Do battle in the fantasy world of Ashan and prove you have what it takes!


Might and Magic Heroes Online will take you into a fantasy world where monsters and heroes do battle right in your browser. The free-to-play strategy RPG will give you the control over powerful heroes and armies as you try to outsmart your enemies and take victory for yourself. The gameplay is true to the Might and Magic Heroes series but with additional multiplayer features that introduce new game mechanics.

In Might and Magic Heroes Online, you have the opportunity to customize your hero. The focus of the browser game is on your hero and you will be able to take on various challenges with these mighty warriors. You can not only choose the focus on Might or Magic, you will be able to recruit dozens of different fantasy creatures for your army. If you need help in battle and earning that extra edge, you can also collect magical artifacts to up the ante and increase your chance of winning all duels.

The mightiest of all weapons in Might and Magic Heroes Online is your strategy. You will have to create an army by mixing and matching various creatures from different factions to create the ideal fighting force. You will have to face off against thousands of other players from around the world as well as powerful foes that will require teamwork to defeat. There are grand co-op battles that will allow you and your friends to fight alongside one another to overcome an enemy.

Additionally, you will be able to take control and found your own towns in Might and Magic Heroes Online. You can set up your town for army recruitment, a flourishing economy or to serve multiple functions. Whether you want to build powerful trading lanes or customize your town with various buildings, the choice is up to you. These towns are persistent and will be accessible to you at any time during the game - giving you a place to launch your attacks from.

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