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MicroVolts Description

Imagine a colourful and fun world of toys caught up in a ferocious raging war. Charge your batteries and join the battle of the toys as a highly skilled action figure hero...


MicroVolts is an action-packed third person shooter set in Micro World. Set in the secretive world of toys, the story reveals an ongoing and secret battle between toys that has been occurring without the world around them noticing. It is said that four original and limited edition toys, the client-based online game MicroVolts were responsible for this uprising and war.

There are four prototype characters in MicroVolts – Naomi, Knox, Pandora and C.H.I.P. With an ever increasing amount of modified versions of these prototypes, the demand for precious battery resources grows and with that the heat of the battle soars.

Anime doll Naomi uses her innocent appearance to deceive and distract her opponents with her girly demeanour. This is counteracted with her vicious and sometimes brutal fighting spirit. Knox is a hip hop action figure who thrives on melee contact. He puts on a tough bravado but has a warm heart and uses humour to entertain those around him. Pandora is a jealous and manipulative ball-jointed doll, whose rivalry with Naomi and contempt for men gives her a fiery attitude and fierceness in battle. C.H.I.P. is a quirky robot figurine configured from parts found in a junk yard. He can be reckless and highly impatient in battle.

Once you have chosen and customised your unique toy character in the free-to-play online game MicroVolts, you must select the world in which you will explore and partake in battles in. Band together with your allies and join the fast-paced team death matches, roam solo in the free for all platforms or test your strategic skills in the 'Capture the Battery' arena. Choose from a vast array of specialised and powerful weaponry and accessories to play with and fight your way to victory in Micro World.

Immerse yourself in the colourful yet harsh world of duelling toys, intense combat and large-scale battles in MicroVolts.

by Kyle Hayth

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