Microsoft Flight: New Version of Classic Series Lets You Fly for Free!

01/06/2012 07:39 am in News

Microsoft has announced that the next Microsoft Flight Simulator game is on its way to fans in a new free-to-play model. Microsoft Flight, as the game is called, will give players the opportunity to experience the detail of the classic series and explore the island of Hawai’i!
Microsoft Flight

Microsoft Flight

Microsoft is giving players the chance to experience the incredibly popular, decade-spanning Microsoft Flight Simulator series in a new free-to-play online game, Microsoft Flight, in the near future. Though no exact date has been given, the title has been in the works for roughly a year now and can be expected sometime in 2012.

This time, players will be limited to exploring the island of Hawai’i from some of the most iconic aircraft ever to take to the air. However, Microsoft has also said that there will be additional content available for purchase, such as new regions or additional aircraft.

Microsoft Flight will also feature integration through Games for Windows Live, letting you connect and fly with friends, keep track of achievements and more!

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