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Metro Conflict
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Metro Conflict Description

Take to the streets of the USA and get your tactical sci-fi FPS fix with Metro Conflict, a free-to-play shooter from Korea.


Korean Red Duck Inc, the studio that brought you A.V.A, another free-to-play FPS, has developed a first person shooter with a futuristic twist. Metro Conflict is set in a near future USA, and is a feature packed first person shooter that allows you to play with your friends and upgrade your character.

It features a number of different online multiplayer modes, such as more traditional deathmatches and also new modes called Demolition and Cube Rush to keep you entertained as you battle in this fast-paced online game.

Feature packed

Metro Conflict features everything you would expect from a multiplayer FPS and more:

  • 8+ classes with unique skills and strengths. Each class has an individual weapon set available, and as you level up you gain access to new skills and weapons.
  • A range of game modes, including PvP, Co-op with your friends, and a training mode to hone your skills on the battlefield.
  • A balanced matchmaking system that puts players of the same skill up against each other to ensure a fair and exciting battle takes place, and that you are constantly improving by playing with people at the same level as you.

3D FPS Action

The visual effects and graphics in Metro Conflict immerse you in the game content as you fight in the streets of the USA to secure objectives and win games. The free-to-play game also includes an “Augmented Reality Vision” upgrade that allows you to view the battlefield from an entirely different perspective, meaning you can use new types of tactics and strategy with your friends and allies.

The game is very intuitive, and any FPS fan will be able to pick it up with ease. The mechanics are similar to most other popular FPS games, such as A.V.A, and you will soon be blasting your enemies with grenades and making stealthy kills with the sniper class.

Metro Conflict Screenshots

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