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Metin2 Description

A great role-playing epic set in the Far East, featuring nice graphics and an interesting story awaits you here. Hundreds of thousands of users are already playing and you can be one of them...


The project, Metin2, is a great epic, a legendary story that takes place in the Far East and already has hundreds of thousands of players worldwide participating.

Metin2 is a client game. It requires the installation of gaming software on the computer. When the game starts it connects with the Gameforge servers so you can play online with the other users. The 3D graphics of the massively multiplayer role-playing will only work with that special software.

At the beginning of the game you decide in which of the three kingdoms you want to start and how your character should be shaped. Throughout the entire game you will develop your character further: Taking him to a higher level will equip him with better weapons technology so you can win glorious battles with him. In the beginning, you are alone on the road, but soon you probably meet companions with whom you now roam through the countryside together.

Building your character includes learning new fighting techniques that are more effective than the skills you have at the beginning of the game. The fighting techniques are usually animated by effects in the battle - with flames and lightning.

There are dangerous opponents in the oriental world of Metin2, as well as wondrous fantasy creatures. Membership in a guild offers you protection. Thus, you are better protected but also called to fight for the guild. Together with your allies, you plan ambushes and go out into dangerous battles.

by Kyle Hayth

Metin2 Screenshots

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