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Metal Assault
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Play Metal Assault Now. Fast-Pace Side-Scrolling Action!

The city of HERZ is threatened by hordes of zombies who only wish to eat what is inside of your skull. Are you prepared to take the fight to them and take back the city?


Metal Assault is a face paced, side-scrolling client game where you shoot, blow up and destroy everything that is zombie. Endless hordes of the mindless brain eaters are swarming towards you and you must kill every single one.

You have many ways to accomplish your task of total zombie annihilation. A large variety of equipment is at your disposal in Metal Assault. If you’d like to throw on some hot pants and ride into battle in style or get some snazzy new goggles to be the coolest zombie killer around, you can get them.

Metal Assault also features an arsenal that would put any shooter to shame. Not only do you have a mass array of weapons, you also have a motor pool full of vehicles. From a single person dynamic robot suit to a 4-seater, cannon toting tank, it’s all waiting to be used.

Team up with your friends for intense Metal Assault co-op action or go it alone. If you’re feeling saucy, you can even try your hand at the crazy 8v8 death matches where anything goes and the only goal you have is to wipe-out the other team.

Metal Assault is not just about shooting everything up and wreaking havoc on zombies. Or it actually is. But by doing so, you have the chance to explore 12 dangerous maps while you attempt to uncover the mystery of the explosion at the HQ. Meanwhile, you are searching for the missing, world-renowned scientist, Doctor Russell.

Hordes of zombies await their destruction by your hand as you blaze a trail of total annihilation in Metal Assault. Take on assignments, participate in co-op missions and go head to head with other players with a variety of outfits and weapons. The free-to-play action game has something to offer to gun nuts as well as those just looking for a little excitement.

by Kyle Hayth

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