MechWarrior Tactics
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MechWarrior Tactics
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MechWarrior Tactics Description

The world in MechWarrior Tactics is torn by war. Thank god, you’re there to clean up a bit. You are in command of a deadly team of Mech mercenaries and plunge into battles against other players.


The year is 3025: There’s war and fighting around the globe, but humans have found a great way to let others do the dirty work. Thanks to technological evolution, they managed to invent MechWarriors – metal killing machines without fear or remorse. In MechWarrior Tactics you are the commander of a team of such robot soldiers. A variety of different Mechs is available in this game. Make sure to gather all the information before you purchase new team members. Before each battle, you decide which Mechs you want to send in, by considering their abilities and the enemy’s weaknesses.

Fights in MechWarrior Tactics are turn-based, meaning you and your opponent take turns during the virtual encounter. This will allow you to take your time and consider your next steps carefully. Whenever you win a battle, you will be rewarded with in-game money and experience. You need experience to level-up your character and unlock more items in the shop, which you can then buy with money. The things you find in the MechWarrior Tactics store are helpful to customize your Mechs and improve their performance in the field. You can also visit the store to buy a bunch of new Mechs in case your team messed up during a fight. There are endless possibilities to personalize and customize your Mechs, their weapons and equipment.

In MechWarrior Tactics your Mechs are represented by cards. Your team is a stack of cards, which you can modify before each fight. If you take a closer look at the Mech cards, you will find all relevant information regarding your soldiers. It’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each Mech in order to come up with a working strategy. You will, at some point, lose a battle in MechWarrior Tactics. It can’t be helped and will happen to everyone sooner or later. Just make sure to analyze, which one of your enemy's Mechs (cards) were the hardest to deal with, and then go back and re-arrange your team.

MechWarrior Tactics Screenshots

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