MechWarrior Online: La Malinche Causes Chaos

03/07/2014 07:57 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsDownload GamesAction

Piranha Games has introduced a new hero mech to their free-to-play sci-fi game MechWarrior Online. Give a warm round of applause for La Malinche who will be added to the roster of playable mechs on March 18th.

Not only is this Assault Mech beautiful with her Aztec inspired art of old Terra, but also very deadly. She's equipped with a massive arsenal of weapons: Various laser weapons, an anti-missile system, and on top of that, she also has other tricks up her sleeves. See her in action in an awesome trailer released by the studio behind MechWarrior Online.
La Malinche can be purchased either with C-Bills or MC. The former is the in-game currency in the science fiction shooter, while the latter is purchased with real money. Players who don’t want to spend any real money will have to wait until March 18th to acquire this female mech hero.

Source: Official game homepage
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