MechWarrior Online: Welcoming a New Mech

01/22/2014 13:45 pm by Marcel Wuttig in NewsDownload GamesAction

It’s always good times for us here at when we have the chance to announce new game updates and patches, especially when they not only fix in-game bugs, but also add new content to a title. The folks over at Piranha Games have released a new patch for the free-to-play shooter MechWarrior Online which does exactly this.

The update introduces a new mech to the game called BattleMaster, which players can either purchase with C-Bills or MC (C-Bills are the in-game currency in MechWarrior Online, which can only be earned by playing the game, whereas MC are purchased with real money). The mech comes with a new Crusader pattern in Camo spec, which can also be unlocked for any other mech that players have in their stable.
The newest patch in the online game also adds a brand new visual effect to the cockpits. The cockpits will now have a “glass effect” which will further pull players into the game and reinforce the feeling of actually sitting in the cockpit of a robot. Besides the usual bug-fixes, players can also enjoy newly rebalanced and revised hit boxes.

Source: Official game homepage
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