MechWarrior Online: Happy Patch and Launch Day

09/18/2013 07:17 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsDownload GamesRobots

A major part of the video game industry is made up of celebrating - whenever a game reaches a certain age or a specific number of registrations; whenever a game reaches its closed beta, or open beta, or launch; or whenever there’s a season or holiday to be celebrated. The folks at Infinite Game Publishing are celebrating two major things at once. Not only did they have a major patch day yesterday, but it was also launch day for their free-to-play action game MechWarrior Online.
The online game had been in open beta for more than a year in which many features were tested and implemented. According to the team behind MechWarrior Online, their work is far from being done, however. In order to stress this fact, the developers released a patch on launch day that allows players to purchase skins for the Orion Mechs, a new Applejack Custom Pattern, and the Orion Mechs themselves with CBills. 

The game update also disables the third-person view in 12 players pre-made group matches, adds all Trials as Champions, and tightens the search parameters for Weight and ELO in non-12-player match making. 

Source: Official game homepage
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